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The Last Full Measure

A true story of a U.S. Air Force medic, William H. Pitsenbarger, whose bravery saved dozens of lives in Vietnam. In 1966, one of the bloodiest battles of the Vietnam War took place near Saigon. During a rescue mission on 11 April, the 21-year-old medic, also nicknamed Pits, voluntarily decided to leave the relative safety of the rescue helicopter to help soldiers on the ground. With extraordinary courage and determination, he personally saved and got to safety more than 60 men of the 1st Infantry Division. After being ordered to take a seat in the last helicopter, he refused and stayed with the rest of the army in the middle of heavy fire. Thirty-two years later, ambitious Pentagon administrative official Scott Huffman is tasked with completing an assessment to determine whether the Pitsenbarger’s alleged heroic deeds deserve to be recognised with the highest bravery award – the Medal of Honor. Huffman collects the testimony of Army veterans who directly participated in the battle. The investigation reveals material classified information the publication of which may put at risk more than Scott’s career…

Directed by

Todd Robinson


Todd Robinson


Petr Jákl, Mark Damon





Samuel L. Jackson
Christopher Plummer
William Hurt
Ed Harris
Sebastian Stan
Peter Fonda

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