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The trio of filmmakers go to Ukraine to shoot a unique documentary on cannibalism. The terrible famine of 1932-1933 drove a lot of people into horrific deeds here. Unexpectedly, their search begins to connect with the story of one of the most perverted criminals in modern history, the cannibal Andrei Chikatil. In the course of 12 years, he committed over fifty brutal murders, in which he partially ate his victims. Together with a local interpreter, guide and sensualist, he tries to reveal the secret of the house where everything took place. However, in an abandoned building in the middle of Ukrainian forests, filmmakers and their entourage soon become involuntary prisoners. The cramped feeling in the walls of the house turns into frightening encounters with another world. The intention to make a documentary becomes a terrifying struggle for life. Nobody knows who or what is THERE OUTSIDE…

Directed by

Petr Jákl


Petr Bok, Petr Jákl


Petr Jákl





Jennifer Armour
Alina Golovlyova
Jeremy Isabella
Paul S. Tracey
Inna Belikova
Vladimir Nevedrov

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